Orion Equities Limited

(ASX Code: OEQ)

Orion Equities Limited is an Australian Listed Investment Company (LIC) with the majority of its funds invested in a portfolio of listed Australian and international companies and Australian property.


Investment Strategy

The Company implements an actively managed investment strategy undertaking investments typically into one of two broad investment categories:

  • Strategic
  • Non-strategic

Strategic Investments

Strategic Investments are made in entities in which the Company can reasonably expect to exert a degree of influence, including board representation or through playing an active role alongside management in order to enhance or realise shareholder value.

Non-Strategic Investments

Non-strategic investments are made in entities where attractive investment opportunities develop due to market sentiment or mis-pricing or where the Company sees other potential for generating positive returns. In contrast to strategic investments, with non-strategic investments the Company does not envisage that it will take an active role in the management of the investment.